The Godfathers of Hardcore Feature Documentary Kickstarter

As some people may of noticed I have been posting some BTS pictures of a project I have been working on for the last few months. I never said what that project was but today I am proud to announce that I have launched a Kickstarter campaign for my new feature documentary called "The Godfathers of Hardcore". The film is an intimate portrait about two of the most respected individuals in underground music, Roger Miret and Vinnie Stigma of the iconic hardcore / punk rock band Agnostic Front.

My DP Anthony Jarvis and I have been shooting this film for the last three months and I think that it is definitely some of the best stuff I have ever filmed. In all the years of making films and music videos I have never been more excited about what I am capturing. Not only is the footage looking awesome but I feel like I am truly documenting something very special. I have directed a bunch of music videos and other video related projects with Agnostic Front and I have been friends with Roger and Vinnie for almost 20 years but I feel like I am finding out so much about them that I did not even know! Thats what making this so exciting for me and will be so exciting for so many fans of the band.

So if you have a minute please head over to the Kickstarter at and help us make this film!

We have some really cool incentives and will be adding new ones every week for the next 3 weeks.